EAA 1418 meets every third Saturday at Noon in the pilots lounge at Rohnerville Airport, Fortuna, California.  Lunch and a beverage are provided for a suggested $5.00 donation to the chapter.  Anyone interested in aviation is welcome to attend.

Humboldt County, California Aviation Webcams

North Coast Aviators, EAA 1418, installs and maintains webcams at our local airports. These cameras show real-time weather conditions and have proved invaluable to aviators, local government agencies, and area residents.

All NorthCoastAviation.com webcams, AWOS, and more 

 Rohnerville Airport

Eureka/Arcata Airport

 Murray Field

Kneeland Airport

 Garberville Airport

Shelter Cove

See NorthCoastAviation.com for all the aviation cams, weather and local links, local highway cams and technical information about this program.

Affiliated with Lost Coast Aviators is the
AVI8CANDO Youth Aviation Program
Rohnerville Airport, CA

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Frank Bush Recommends:

Here are a couple of links from Frank Bush for our enjoyment.  I like them both.

B-2 Stealth Bomber refuel.

 Note all the antennas burred in the wing leading edge, just forward of the cockpit.
 Also, watch the refueling receptacle rotate after refueling.

 An amazing aircraft at an amazing cost.


Southwest Airlines Preflight Annoucement





Dear Chapter Members,

We will have another fun filled meeting this Saturday 
at noon at Rohnerville. Steve


Landing in Formation

Frank Bush sent along another impressive video link.  Click this sentence to to watch the Spanish Acrobatic Team Patrulla Aguila.


What you are about to see is very rare.  EXTREMELY rare!  Highly trained exhibition flight teams, like the Blue Angels and others, occasionally will do a formation *take off*, but formation *landings* much less so.  In fact, I have never seen a video of a formation *landing* before, especially with so many aircraft!  I have observed rarely TWO aircraft doing a formation landing, but never this many.  The reason, I suppose, is that it’s damned dangerous!  A single wheel brake that decides to fail, a bad wheel bearing, any failure of the nose wheel steering, a piece of debris left on the runway that causes a tire blowout, and a long litany o f other unpredictable events can cause one aircraft to stop more rapidly than planned, or fail to stop, or get pulled left or right in a heartbeat CAN cause any two aircraft to run into each other SO FAST even the best pilot would have trouble correcting in time!  The whole scene can snowball into a disaster.  You’ll not see anything like this again soon.


Jerry Yellin, WW II Veteran Interview

Here's a message from Frank Bush.  Thanks, Frank

Take five minutes to watch this video interview -- and listen carefully to what he says and how he says it .  I promise you, you won't regret a second of it. 

Ask yourself, how many of the few surviving WWII veterans kept themselves and their uniform in such good condition for over 70 years and can still proudly wear it?

Notice his superb delivery, no teleprompter, no script -- just a 91-year-old fighter pilot representing the greatest generation at home and abroad who won WWII.  He has some surprises and a great take on the philosophy of life.


Capt. Jerry Yellin, from Fairfield, Iowa, flew the final combat mission in World War II. World War II veterans visit Iwo Jima for the 70th anniversary Mar. 21 in co...

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                                    Click Here 

Burt Rutan Talk: Struggles of a retiring airplane designer

January, 2013 meeting of the Old Bold Pilots in Palm Desert, California.  He gives a history of his work from childhood to his current project, the Skigull.  He is introduced at about 7:15 into the video.  Set aside an hour to watch this entertaining and informative video.