EAA 1418 meets every third Saturday at Noon in the pilots lounge at Rohnerville Airport, Fortuna, California.  Lunch and a beverage are provided for a suggested $5.00 donation to the chapter.  Anyone interested in aviation is welcome to attend.

Humboldt County, California Aviation Webcams

North Coast Aviators, EAA 1418, installs and maintains webcams at our local airports. These cameras show real-time weather conditions and have proved invaluable to aviators, local government agencies, and area residents.

All NorthCoastAviation.com webcams, AWOS, and more 

 Rohnerville Airport

Eureka/Arcata Airport

 Murray Field

Kneeland Airport

 Garberville Airport

Shelter Cove

See NorthCoastAviation.com for all the aviation cams, weather and local links, local highway cams and technical information about this program.

Affiliated with Lost Coast Aviators is the
AVI8CANDO Youth Aviation Program
Rohnerville Airport, CA

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Meeting Minutes for November 18, 2017

Chapter Members,

At the meeting on Saturday we discussed again the report by Volaire, the company studying the County's Aviation Division. We agree with the report recommendation that the Aviation Division should become its own department and that an Airports Manager should be hired to run it. Some of the other things that caught our attention in the report were the proposed solar farm, the proposed pet care facility and the parking concession at ACV. The big disparity in hangar rents and land lease rates also came up.

After the close of the meeting Al Castaldi and I flew a couple of Young Eagles who were there with their parents. It was a great day to be out flying.



Veterans Day



Three Icon A5 Crashes This Year

To see a video showing footage of Toy Halliday flying low and boats at the crash site see


From Wikipedia article on the Icon A5

Accidents and incidents

  • On April 1, 2017, a factory-owned A5 suffered a "heavy landing" on water near Biscayne National Park, Florida which resulted in the sinking of the aircraft. Both the pilot and passenger were uninjured, but the aircraft took on water and submerged to its wings before being towed eight miles to a marina. This was the first A5 accident. While Icon is reviewing the incident, company CEO Hawkins said all information points to pilot error.
  • On May 8, 2017, a factory-owned A5 crashed on the shore of Lake Berryessa in Napa County, California, near the company's training facility. Killed in the accident were two Icon employees: lead engineer and chief company test pilot Jon Karkow, who was the pilot in command; and Cagri Sever, Icon's director of engineering, who was a passenger on the flight. Karkow had been involved in the design of the A5's folding wings as well as parts of the aircraft's control systems. Just prior to the crash the aircraft was witnessed maneuvering at very low altitude and entering a narrow canyon, when, at high power, it pitched up and rolled to the left, impacting terrain. The National Transportation Safety Board determined that the cause was "the pilot's failure to maintain clearance from terrain while maneuvering at a low altitude." The board found no fault with the aircraft.
  • On November 7, 2017, retired Major League Baseball pitcher Roy Halladay was killed when his A5 crashed into the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Pasco County, Florida. Witnesses said he was engaged in low flying at the time of the impact. Halladay had just taken delivery of his new A5 on October 12, 2017. His was the first of the Model Year 18 aircraft to have been delivered.



Beech 18 Aerobatics


uAvionix skyBeacon ADS B-OUT


Here is a review of the new uAvionix skyBeacon ADS B-Out by a Zenith 750 builder/pilot.  Really easy to install as it uses the wingtip nav light wiring.  It costs about $1500 and is for experimental airplanes only.  Does not include ADS B-In.