EAA 1418 meets every third Saturday at Noon in the pilots lounge at Rohnerville Airport, Fortuna, California.  Lunch and a beverage are provided for a suggested $5.00 donation to the chapter.  Anyone interested in aviation is welcome to attend.

Humboldt County, California Aviation Webcams

North Coast Aviators, EAA 1418, installs and maintains webcams at our local airports. These cameras show real-time weather conditions and have proved invaluable to aviators, local government agencies, and area residents.

All NorthCoastAviation.com webcams, AWOS, and more 

 Rohnerville Airport

Eureka/Arcata Airport

 Murray Field

Kneeland Airport

 Garberville Airport

Shelter Cove

See NorthCoastAviation.com for all the aviation cams, weather and local links, local highway cams and technical information about this program.

Affiliated with Lost Coast Aviators is the
AVI8CANDO Youth Aviation Program
Rohnerville Airport, CA

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2011 Garberville Young Eagles Pix

Our first ever Garberville Airport Young Eagles Event was blessed with rapturous weather.  With near perfect weather so early in the day, everyone who wanted to attend was able to make it there, including aviators from Utah, Fort Bragg, the California Central Valley and of course all our pilots from Humboldt County.  There are many more pix to come.  This is the first batch.  All of these were taken by Thomas Dobson.

Steve Guenard flew his beautiful 1943 Stearman bi-plane all the way from Utah to attend the event.  It is a good thing we didn't do the judging like we had hoped.  Steve would have won every award.  There are more pix of Steve and his fine Stearman to come.

Kali Persall was the FIRST person to sign up for the event which had a limit of 50 flyers.  Note her flight number.  58 kids and 19 adults actually flew during the event, fulfilling our best hopes for both the Young Eagles and International Learn to Fly Day, also sponsored by EAA.  In fact we set a new record for adult flights, which will make Ron Wagner, EAA Field Director and enthusiastic ILFD proponent, very happy.  EAA1418's old record was 6.

That was AWESOME!

This young man came prepared with his aviator shades.  I wonder if he knew that his pilot Russ Marsh is a great aerobatic pilot and pilots his own Christian Eagle?

A hair-raising experience.  Moderate winds made the rides... rides.  Great pilots made the rides fun.

Darn if Thomas doesn't get some of the best shots.  Good subject matter: The Viet Nam Phantom pilot, and the Young Eagle.  Wonderful models.  Great pose.  (My very favorite picture of me ever taken in my life was by Thomas.)  EAA1418 Faux-President Steve Bowser flew the most people during the event. He loves it.  So do the kids.

Great views, even from the back seat.

The thumbs up.

Yours truly sulks away after being rejected as "too heavy".  Too old too...  Now wait a minute.  Lee's 94, he got to fly!  Yeah.  But he's cuter.



Fly baby fly...

It's Saturday, May 21st at 6:00 AM, and the first look at the weather tells me it would be hard to be much better.  Shelter Cove and Garberville are clear and Rohnerville is clearing.  Looks like we are going to have a great Young Eagles Day.  See you all at the Garberville Airport at NOON.


New EAA1418 aviation weather cams at Murray Field

Thanks to generous donations from Cal-Ore Life Flight and AOPA member Joel Mann, four state-of-the-art ThorMax2200 Cameras will be mounted at the Murray Field FBO, Northern Air.

Shown below, the ThorMax2200 camera incorporates the latest in video, remote network and stealth/camouflage technologies.  Certified by the FAA, TSA, Homeland Security, NSA, FBI and the CIA, this camera is designed to provide images of unparalleled quality while concealing its' true capabilities behind a veneer of seemingly worthless garbage.

Four cameras will be mounted to provide images of all four compass points.  Stay tuned for details.


Like paintings

Aviation weather cams have special benefits when they are in beautiful settings.  The Headlands Cam (for aviators the Northwest Weather Cam) at the Inn of the Lost Coast is my favorite.



Tsunami country

Lost Coast Aviators President Lindsay Locke and Master Technician Hans Koster are visiting Murray Field in Eureka, tomorrow.  (Thurs. 5.12.11)   Lindsay will also be visiting Jack Mc Namara Field Airport in Crescent City, CA tomorrow to reconnoiter the facilities for the potential placement of four EAA1418 Aviation Weather Cams.

Pictures will be taken.  Video will be filmed.  Measuring tapes will be un-rolled.  And hopefully some hob-nobbing and hanger talk with the locals will transpire.

Cal-Ore Life Flight uses both Murray and Mc Namara Fields (among others).  Cal-Ore Life Flight is partially funding the installation of four EAA 1418 Aviation Weather Cams at Murray Field in Eureka, (some time in the next two weeks).  They are also fully funding four cameras at their new hanger at Arcata Airport, (which is actually nearer to McKinleyville.)  Friday's journey to Crescent City is to see if cameras would "work" there too.  Probably.

Yesterday we recieved word that there is interest in Kneeland for cameras at the airport there.  Kneeland is a Humboldt County Airport used by CalFire.  (We all love those folks big time around here.)  So we're going to go and try and make that happen just like we did all the rest.  Our original plan had Kneeland next on the list, so the fact that we were contacted first is a really good sign.

The picture above is from the Cal-Ore Life Flight website.  Two airports and two great organizations who use them.  For saving lives.  For saving trees.  Maybe yours.  Wanna donate?  Send an email to Lindsay.