EAA 1418 meets every third Saturday at Noon in the pilots lounge at Rohnerville Airport, Fortuna, California.  Lunch and a beverage are provided for a suggested $5.00 donation to the chapter.  Anyone interested in aviation is welcome to attend.

Humboldt County, California Aviation Webcams

North Coast Aviators, EAA 1418, installs and maintains webcams at our local airports. These cameras show real-time weather conditions and have proved invaluable to aviators, local government agencies, and area residents.

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See NorthCoastAviation.com for all the aviation cams, weather and local links, local highway cams and technical information about this program.

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Old Oak

EAA1418 founding member Oakley Giffen turned 80 recently.  Darn near his whole family turned out to celebrate the momentous event, and they invited all of Oak's flyin' buddies to the affair.  Oak told me personally that it was the best birthday he ever had.  After 80 of the damn things that says a lot.

It would be customary to put a picture of Oak here, but I figured a picture of his RV-6 would please him more than one of his old self.  So here, Oak, happy birthday.  Nice plane.  I was very fortunate to get a ride in this sweet plane with the Oak just a couple of weeks ago.  We flew over his old property and the gas wells he worked on with Chevron.  We had a great time.  A really nice ride.

Here is the birthday boy himself with Fred Baron.  Fred flew in his 1946 J3 Piper Cub with his wife Belle from Garberville Airport.  The Goddess of Weather smiled upon the day's festivities.   Question of the day.  Who looks older in this picture?

Oaks cake.  I had heard about these frosting pictures and was surprised at how nice the image was.  Oakley has built (I think) three planes and worked on a bunch more.  His beautiful RV-6 was in front of his hangar the whole day for everyone to enjoy.

I wish I had time to take more pictures.  I didn't get any of Oakley's family.  One reason I missed so many opportunities to take pictures was because the food was great.  I should have taken a picture of the spread. Wonderful smoked salmon, fried catfish (to die for) and other awesome food that was there was great.  Later in the afternoon, when everyone had stuffed themselves, I went and got a hot dog bun and literally stuffed it to ridiculous overflowing with the catfish and killed it rapturously.  I don't know who did the food but I sure wish they would consider doing the food for one of our monthly meetings.  Our attendance would double.  Above are Jill and Archie Archibald, Russell Dobson and Darlene and Bill Madsen.

Steve Bowser, Jacque Hulsey and Lindsay.  Both Steve and Lindsay look like they are going somewhere.  I just noticed that Lindsay is as tall as Jacque now.  Time flies.  Ask Oakley.

Isn't this a great picture?  Bill, Russell, Darlene, Steve, Jacque and Lindsay.  Pretty much shows the spirit of the day.

Fred Baron, Lindsay and Belle Baron just before they took off for home after the birthday celebration.

If you have any pictures of the day, please let me know, and I will post them here.

Happy birthday Oakley.


Master Technician Hans strikes again

Wait about 30 seconds (probably less) after you click here.  What you will see is the actual ASOS from Garberville Airport.  Could it be that Hans is figuring to get this kind of information on each of our "sky cam" airports?  I fantasize that while Hans is selling plants to old ladies at the Ace store, he is always pondering his next enhancement to the "system".  A Renaissance man.

If you go to Fortuna Ace, stop by and buy a plant or two.  Lindsay  and I will probably do that today.  Oakley Giffin turns 80 (believe it or not, he barely looks 60), or at least we are celebrating his birth"day" today at his hanger at FOT (Rohnerville/Fortuna Airport).  The party starts at Noon.  Linz and I will take pix and post them soon.


A worthwhile click

Steve Bowser forwarded this and it seems like an easy way to help a chapter do great work.  Please read the note from Chapter 44 below and vote.

Hello EAA Friends,

I am writing today to ask for about one minute of your time to help EAA Chapter 44 win a grant that will help us finish and furnish our new Sport Aviation Center of Western New York.

On June 21, 2011 EAA President Rod Hightower was in Brockport New York to help EAA 44 dedicate our all new Sport Aviation Center of Western New York. This 3500 square foot building will serve as our meeting place, Young Eagle Flight operations base, classroom, library, workshop, community center and museum, (among other uses!)

Earlier this year, EAA 44 applied for, and was selected, as one of 20 finalists, competing to win a $10,000 grant from the Lightspeed Aviation Foundation. There will be five winners. Created by the folks that make Lightspeed headsets, the mission of the Lightspeed Aviation Foundation is to promote a vibrant and growing pilot community, support education that will preserve and extend the future of aviation and enable the aviation community to serve others for the betterment of our world. All funds received from the Lightspeed Grant will be used to complete and furnish the new learning center.

The aviation community will pick the five grant winners. We need YOU to help us win by casting your vote for EAA 44. To vote, simply go to our website, www.EAA44.org. At the top of our website is a yellow banner telling you how to vote in less then a minute. As soon as you vote, you will receive one e-mail thanking you for your vote. You will not be spammed, or bothered with multiple e-mails.

Please help us by visiting our website, www.EAA44.org and click on the yellow banner to vote for us! It takes so little time that we say “Forty-Four seconds can equal $10,000”. While you are on our website, please have a look around and see what we are doing to help grow General Aviation. Voting ends September 16, so please take a moment to vote now, and ask your friends and family to vote too.

Thank you for helping EAA 44!

When you click on the link at the top of the EAA, Chapter 44 website you will see a page that looks like the one below, just click the "EAA, Chapter 44" button at the top of the second column and vote.  I know every one of the other listed organizations are worthy.  I saw the list and was pained at having to pick just one.  In this case, the folks at EAA44 reached out to us, so we can reach right back.  You can of course vote for other organizations as well.  I tip my hat to Lightspeed.  Very nice.  They had a really cool booth at AirVenture.


Plane amazing

Pilot Paul Thompson (Retired USAF Major and Delta Airlines pilot) doesn't send links to his friends very often.  So when he does, you can bet it's worth it.

This video is simply amazing.  You can have extra fun while watching it.  Just try to figure out how they did the camera work, and how the this thing was built.

Thank you Paul!

Here is the original link to the article about the project if you want to learn more.


Great footage from AirVenture 2011 Night Air Show

Thanks to Marilyn Boese for the hot tip on this film from the Saturday night AirVenture 2011 air show, which was spectacular.  I watched 3 minutes and 4 seconds of this video and was wishing they had an on-board camera shot of (won't spoil it here) you-know-what, and then surprise, they do.  Right where it belongs.  What a finish at the show and on the video.  Rod Hightower and the EAA, and especially the editors and crew who did this video deserve kudos.  Good job.

If you were there (like we lucky few) you will really appreciate the video, especially the on-aircraft portions.  If you couldn't be there to see this live, the video will give you a pretty good idea of what the show is like.  But, you really have to be there.  Everyone loved it.  I started jumping up and down when the show ended, blisters be damned.  You would have to be a Zombie not to love the show.  Pretty lights, awesome planes, great engine noise, awesome fireworks.  Just too much fun.

EAA AirVenture 2011 Night Show