EAA 1418 meets every third Saturday at Noon in the pilots lounge at Rohnerville Airport, Fortuna, California.  Lunch and a beverage are provided for a suggested $5.00 donation to the chapter.  Anyone interested in aviation is welcome to attend.

Humboldt County, California Aviation Webcams

North Coast Aviators, EAA 1418, installs and maintains webcams at our local airports. These cameras show real-time weather conditions and have proved invaluable to aviators, local government agencies, and area residents.

All NorthCoastAviation.com webcams, AWOS, and more 

 Rohnerville Airport

Eureka/Arcata Airport

 Murray Field

Kneeland Airport

 Garberville Airport

Shelter Cove

See NorthCoastAviation.com for all the aviation cams, weather and local links, local highway cams and technical information about this program.

Affiliated with Lost Coast Aviators is the
AVI8CANDO Youth Aviation Program
Rohnerville Airport, CA

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Young Meets New

Lindsay Locke, the youngest Chapter President in the history of the EAA, with Rod Hightower, the newest President of the EAA at the Grass Roots Tour Event held at the Golden West Fly-In last night.  A truly wonderful evening.


Just because

Mike Caldwell, owner of Inn of the Lost Coast in Shelter Cove, woke up to this view this morning.  So did all of the people who are renting rooms from him.

A shamless plug for a simply awesome place to visit.  It took longer to install these cameras because Hans and I kept staring at the views and sucking in the beauty.  Who wouldn't?

P.s.  Mike offers a 10% discount to all pilots as well as a free shuttle.


Murray Field online... 

Once again, Master Technician Hans Koster keeps the schedule and pulls yet another rabbit out of his hat.  Actually, four rabbits.  And here they are, brand spankin' new.  A good day to come online.  A good day to fly.  Thank you Hans, thank you Cal-Ore Life Flight and thank you Joel Mann.

(A reminder, remember it takes a day or two for the thumbnail images to come online and you may need to refresh your browser to bring them up.  Just once.)


Coming out of the closet... or... Feel The Power

Feel the power.  Three women, from left to right; Emily Jacobs, Humboldt County Airport Division Program Coordinator; Jacquelyn Hulsey, Humboldt County Airport Manager; and Lindsay Locke, President of the Lost Coast Aviators, EAA Chapter 1418, monitor the progress made by Humboldt County Technician Jerry, (in camo); EAA 1418 Technician Hans Koster, hiding behind Jerry, Humboldt County Public Works Engineer and John, also with the County and still in the closet.

All this brain power is working to bring EAA1418 and Avi8CanDo out of the closet.  Which, with everyone's help, occurred on Thursday, June 2, 2011, along with the installation of two additional cameras, East and North.

Jacque Hulsey is what is commonly referred to as a "hands on" manager.  A rare and valuable person.  Especially considering she works for a type of institution not often associated by the culture at large with that style of management.  If it were not for Jacque, and Emily, and Jerry, and John and of course Hans and Lindsay, none of the EAA1418 aviation weather cameras would ever have come on line.

With the EAA1418 and Avi8CanDo router out of the TSA regulated and secure closet, both organizations are able to access their independent router without bothering the County.  Everyone who uses any of the cameras owes thanks to these motivated and persisitent people, and particularly to Mr. Joe Gattuso of Shelter Cove who so generously paid for the two new cameras.

Contrary to another popular cultural opinion, government and the private sector actually can work together very effectively.  And this is the proof.


East Cam Art

Maybe you noticed.  Two new aviation weather cams at Rohnerville.  North and East.  East looks at the fuel pumps and Cal Fire.  Hans did most of the work as usual.  The whole time we were there Cal Fire was practicing repelling and other crazy stuff with their Huey.  (Some darn good pilots there... very steady.)  I asked Hans, who happened to be perched on a high ladder at the time, if he would prefer to be hanging out of the helicopter above us and he said "Yes, it would be easier to hang these cameras".   (I will have to post a picture of the Gates-Meade Building roof and you would understand.)

Me, I got a beautiful and relaxing ride in Steve Bowser's Skymaster.  Afterwards I told EAA1418 President Lindsay Locke that while flying with Steve it seemed he was barely "flying" the plane.  I told her that we shot the crap and it seemed Steve barely touched the yoke or did much of anything.  She said, "Yeah, it's nuts isn't it?  He makes it look like nothing."  I have to admit I'm ten times more scared driving back home than I am flying with pilots like Steve.  Plus I got to hang with Oakley Giffin (another easy pilot) who just happened to have the magic metal coat hanger that allowed me to run a Cat5 cable to the Faux FBO computer.  (More on that later.)  Anyway, after a long week I checked the East Cam and saw this.  I thought the picture below was kind of artsy.  It was a dark and rainy night...